Bull Kelp Citizen Science Flash Survey

Community Event

What would a Pacific Northwest summer be without amazing kelp beds which harbor and support incredible amounts of sea life and create vertical habitat within the Salish Sea? The Bull Kelp Protection & Recovery Project is an incredible project that all 7 Marine Resources Committees within the Northwest Straits Region are participating in, in order to document where beds occur, changes to the size and density of kelp beds over the season, and who inhabits them.
The annual monitoring season for this project is July-September, where volunteers go out via kayak to monitor the size of local kelp beds. In order for us to map the current suspected distribution of bull kelp, and effectively choose which sites to spend time monitoring we will be conducting a two week long flash survey of bull kelp beds throughout Skagit County!
We are reaching out to everyone (yes, that includes you!) to participate in this two week long Northwest Straits Bull Kelp Flash Survey! We want to get as many submissions as possible of bull kelp beds via our online app submission form here.
How you can participate: -Check out the submission form here so you know what information to collect (location, kelp bed size, date, time, animal presence) -learn how to identify bull kelp with this helpful information -take photographs of bull kelp beds either from shore, or via boat with your smart phone -upload your photo and your data via the submission form using your mobile device (i.e. smart phone) or desktop computer!
So get out there over the next two weeks, explore some areas of Skagit County that you haven’t before, and keep your eyes peeled for bull kelp beds wherever you go!
Feeling inspired? Get motivated (and informed!) with this short video from the Northwest Straits Commission explaining the establishment and importance of this project.The Kelp Story Map is another incredible way to interact with data that has already been collected to support this project.