Volunteer Signup Form

This form is required to officially register as a volunteer with the Coastal Volunteer Partnership at Padilla Bay through the Padilla Bay Foundation.

By signing this form, I commit to volunteering at least 25 hours of my time to projects that support the 5 CVP funding organizations’ needs & goals for the upcoming year. These partners include the Padilla Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve & Padilla Bay Foundation, the Skagit Marine Resources Committee, the Skagit County Clean Water Program, and the Friends of Skagit Beaches. I agree to report my volunteer hours using the Volgistics online database.  I will report all accidents and injuries that occur while volunteering immediately or as soon as possible to the CVP Program Coordinator.

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This is a brief survey of your strengths and interests as a volunteer, to help us better match you with potential opportunities and to help the new Coordinator get to know everyone. When given two choices (i.e. Working inside/outside) please circle one option if you have a preference.



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I hope the CVP will offer or pursue the following activities in upcoming year:

I would like to see the following types of activities included in the scope of our work:

I think that in the last year, we did a great job of...

Anything else you would like us to know: